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.Why is consulting so popular? The excellent pay, challenging work and steep learning curve are a draw for bright, talented candidates. But consulting isn't easy—most entry-level positions involve long hours and a tremendous amount of travel. Consulting is a "business of providing advice to firms in trouble, on the move, or trying to do what they do better, faster, and more cheaply." Those in the business describe it a little differently. Consulting jobs are "doing the work that a company does not want to do or cannot do with their own resources,” Consulting is best suited for those who are able to think on their feet and pick things up quickly"Some people refer to it as seeing "the big picture." Others talk of the ability to identify opportunities, to discover new directions, to redefine boundaries. However it is described, it all comes down to vision, and specific, practical plans to bring a vision into reality.The people of our Strategy and Organization practice work side by side with top management to clarify issues, refine ideas, and give them shape. Our strength comes from the ability to understand things from a broader perspective – to look at markets and trends, at competition and customers, at the organization itself – and then use what we learn to ensure that the future direction can be successfully implemented.An even larger core of resourceful consultants and specialists in every office worldwide supports our senior strategy consultants with global expertise and broad industry experience.